Baby who was burned

The One Who Rescues

It’s a situation few of us can imagine. A mother, alone and in the most desperate of circumstances, gives birth to her child, in hopes that somehow, he will have a better life than she has known.

Tragically, in the process of giving new life, the baby’s mother loses her own — a sad but all-to-familiar occurrence in Uganda, where 80% of rural women have limited access to appropriate care.

In an act of remarkable love and mercy, the dead mother’s land lady agreed to take the child in and raise him as her own. Months later, while the adoptive mother was away at the market, the boy was being watched by a friend. In a horrible few moments of chaos, someone, (we don’t know who), set fire to the place where this little defenseless baby boy was sleeping.

A neighbor ran to rescue the baby and brought him to our New Beginnings’ office, seeking financial help for medical treatment. Even though we didn’t have the funds to do it, we quickly rushed the baby to the health care unit. Dr. Ivan, when we pleaded with him, agreed to treat the baby, saying, “For you, Henry, I will do it.”

In the picture, I am holding the little guy as he looks today, after a month of treatment, well on his way to recovery.

Friends, his is the face of both a tragedy and a miracle. Of loss and rescue. One of our generous executive team donors in the United States sent us the money we needed to clear New Beginnings’ debt with Dr. Ivan and the clinic. We are so incredibly thankful for such donors because now, this little boy — who lost his mother and nearly died himself — has a real chance at life and a future.

If you have an extra $10, $20 or $50 you can share with us this month, I give you my word, we will use it to care for those who most need your help today.

— Henry

Isoba Henry Caesar
President, New Beginnings Int. Ministries
Uganda, east Africa

P.S. — You should know what our local police commander said about the rescue of this little burned orphan boy. He said, “If we had more others, dedicated and faithful people like those of New Beginnings, our entire country would be safe.” After saying this, he prayed that God would bless New Beginnings with an endless stream of support so that more lives would be saved and more bright futures would be created. And this is our prayer too.

Dear friend, please remember the work we are doing here when you pray and give. In doing so, you will be working alongside The One Who Rescues. Thank you!