A New Beginning for Ester

A New Beginning for Ester

Ugandan women who do not have much money find pregnancy to be especially challenging. Ester came to us in April, 2019 desperately seeking answers for herself and for the baby she was carrying in her womb. She was unable to locate her boyfriend as he had changed his phone number after finding out that Ester was pregnant.

Ester was very upset about her situation. She had no way to find the man because she had no knowledge of his whereabouts or even his family members. She told us the man was a hawker (a traveling salesman) who moved from place to place selling things. After their brief time of love together in a local village hotel room, he disappeared. Understandably, Ester ran to her mother. But she was not willing to take responsibility for Ester’s pregnancy and drove Ester out of the house, telling her to, “Go find the father of the unborn child!”

Ester was confused and opted for abortion as a way to solve this problem. But, amidst her confusion and feelings of rejection, she was told about New Beginnings International Ministries in Iganga. When she arrived, she was open with us about her situation and how she was planning an abortion to end her pregnancy. We advised Ester and encouraged her to give life to her child. New Beginnings stood with her all the way through her due date.

The wonderful news is, in September 2019, Ester gave birth to her baby boy, Cowan. She is so proud and happy to have her sweet baby boy in her life! We are also happy to report that with New Beginnings’ help, Ester’s relationship with her mother is now healed.

Today, Ester is the recipient of a Business Builder Loan from New Beginnings, and, with the loan proceeds has opened a shop which is busy with customers. Thanks to the help of those who donate to New Beginnings, Ester truly is experiencing a new beginning for her life and the life of her son. To all who have helped her make this possible, Ester says, “Thank you!”