Sugar Cane Field to Healthcare Clinic

From Sugar Cane Field to Healthcare Clinic

New Beginnings is working to meet the health needs of Uganda’s at-risk rural mothers and children by building and staffing local medical clinics. In Uganda, 95 percent of the population lives in rural, resource-challenged areas and 80% of Ugandan women (in regions with high birthrates) have limited access to appropriate care.

The leading cause of death for Ugandan girls ages 15-18 is pregnancy, and 20% of maternal deaths are caused by abortion-related complications. New Beginnings is working to meet both the near-term and long-term health needs of Uganda’s at-risk mothers and children through making healthcare more readily available, including ultrasound services.

With funds raised through donations and a grant from our USA Partners, a four-acre sugar cane field was purchased near Iganga, Uganda, East Africa in January, 2020. This makes the construction of our first clinic within reach! We require only $56,000 more in our Clinic Fund for construction to get underway.

If you would like to give a donation to support the construction of the clinic, when you use the form on our donate page please enter the keyword CLINIC in the field which reads: in honor of. By doing so, we can be sure to have your gift properly applied. All gifts are tax deductible under U.S. tax code as your gift will be processed by our USA partner, United for Life Foundation, a registered 501 (c)(3) U.S. non-profit organization. Thank you!

Below, see pictures from the day the land was purchased as well as from the day the entrance-way sign was put into place. There are also sample images from the architectural plans which have been completed. Also shown below is a list of the medical equipment and supplies needed for the clinic. When these supplies have been gathered in the United States, our USA Partners will send a container by cargo ship with them to us in Uganda.


If you or someone you know has any or all of the following items available, our USA Partner volunteers will make arrangements to pick-up the equipment or arrange for packaging and shipping. If you have questions, please write to Mike Froncek.

Needed Medical Equipment

1- ultrasound scan machine 
2- dental unit 
3- x ray machine
4- chemistry  machine 
5- Blood Pressure machine 
6- CBC machine 
7- Gene-expert machine 
8- safety  bio-cabinet 
9- Hot air oven 
10- Auto cleave 
11- oxygen machine 
12- microscopes
13- Elise machine 
14- Centrifuge 15- Refrigerators
16- CT scan machine 
17- Admission beds 
18- Examination beds
19- wheel chairs 
20- compressor 
21- Delivery beds
22- suckers 
23- catheters 
24- trolleys (a.k.a. gurneys, a wheeled cot or stretcher) 
25- scissors and forceps 
26- standby diesel generator: as well as the following:

Other needed equipment:

Hand washing equipment
Various coloured buckets
Weighing scales for adults, children and babies (digital)
Examination beds
Delivery beds
Lithotomy beds
Antenatal beds
Fetal scopes
Wall clocks
Surgical scissors
Tissue scissors
Neonatal beds
Wagon beds
Bed sheets
Oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators
Liali pots
Suction machines
Ambu bang
Anesthetic equipment
Resuscitation table
Measuring jars
Serum concentrator
Drums for sterile gauze, cotton, etc.

January, 2020 New Beginnings Int. Ministries purchases a four-acre sugar cane field, the future site for construction of the Iganga, Uganda, East Africa healthcare clinic for rural women and children.