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BREAKING: Pregnant and in danger, 13 women showed up at the doors of Ruth House over the space of just a few days.

Our mission everyday is to care for the weak and vulnerable of Uganda, East Africa — but just now, with the ravages of Covid-19 — things have taken a troubling turn for the worse. With businesses all over Uganda closing down, many, many are out of work. This crisis has an especially devastating effect on women and children. Take the story of Babirye Nubu, age 31, who appeared at the gate of our women’s shelter home (Ruth House) along with 12 other pregnant women over the last few days. Babirye told her story to me. It is heartbreaking.

My name is Babirye Nubu, aged 31 years old, and I am 5-months pregnant. We once had a happy family, with my husband and our three children, until last year when he started changing for the worse. He used to spend every night at home with us, but then, he began spending some nights out and would come back home the following day. When I would ask where he was, he would start fighting with me. As time went on, I started hearing rumors from some friends that my husband has another woman near the prison quarters, but when I asked him, he denied it and fought with me. Amidst the strange and fearful things brought on by Covid-19, to my shock, my husband abandoned us. He left us and never came back. When I tried calling him to tell him about the pregnancy, he paid a deaf ear and claimed the baby I am carrying is not his.

Because it is the rainy season I cannot find work anywhere. Worst of all, last week thieves broke into our house, they raped me and my elder daughter (even though I am pregnant they did not spare me, and after their violence to us, they took all our mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, tv set and clothes. So, as I speak to you today, I and my children are sleeping on bare floor with nothing to cover our bodies from the cold. I have come here, seeking for help to support my children and my baby. I need food, I need medication during this pregnancy. I do still have a place to live, but if you could please help us with some mattresses and blankets to keep me and my children warm, we would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

– – Babirye Nubu

Friends, there are twelve more stories like Babirye’s – each a bit different, each with its own hardship and difficulty. And yet, as you can see from the picture posted above of some of these women, their faces are filled with hope. How can that be? It is because they have heard from others about the work of New Beginnings and of your generosity as a supporter of our life-saving efforts.

Your gift of any amount, $25, $50 or $100 will go a long way toward helping these women who, along with their unborn babies, are in desperate need of help. If you are able, a gift of $1,800 (USD) will sustain our women’s shelter, Ruth House, for an entire month. This means, food, water, shelter, warmth and vitamins for the mothers-to-be. Will you help Babirye Nubu and the other women? Please give through our donate page. Thank you and God bless you!

Isoba Henry Caesar
President and Founder, New Beginnings Int. Ministries

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Since 2009, under the direction of founder, Isoba Henry, New Beginnings has been providing humanitarian aid to the impoverished and threatened of Uganda, East Africa.

We bring economic empowerment to women through business-building loans and vocational training; We rescue orphans and place them with the nearest safe blood relative; We protect threatened, pregnant girls and women with safe, provisional living quarters and food at Ruth House; We are constructing one of several rural healthcare clinics; Building healthy families through education and clean water initiatives; And we are instituting special educational efforts to fight brutality against women, ritual child sacrifice and human trafficking.

New Beginnings is bringing hope and help to those in real need. Your support will help us continue our life-saving and future-building mission.