Some days, helping a Ugandan woman find her new beginning means bringing peace.

Bringing Peace

Some days, helping a Ugandan woman find her new beginning means bringing peace.

      There are days when New Beginnings’ humanitarian work requires finding ways to reunite family members, even when such unity seems impossible. Recently, 16-year-old Peace contacted us through our battered and endangered women’s outreach website, ( Pregnant by a 20-year old, Peace was told by her father that she must get an abortion. Peace refused and fled to rescue her unborn child. After giving birth to her baby boy, whom she named Miracle, she wanted to return home but feared what her father might do. Peace walked 11 km to our office, seeking our help to meet with her father and ask for his forgiveness — in the hope that he would allow Peace and Miracle to live under his roof.

When we arrived at her home, we were met by her father and mother. We engaged with them and prayed together with them about the possibility of forgiveness and for the return of Peace and Miracle to their home. The good news is that they forgave and accepted their daughter and welcomed her and their new grandson home. Together, we thanked God for the mercy.

About our work
The Mission of New Beginnings Int. Ministries Uganda is to


Since 2009, under the direction of founder, Isoba Henry, New Beginnings has been providing humanitarian aid and comfort to impoverished and threatened women and children. As a newborn, Isoba Henry himself was abandoned and left to die at a garbage dump. But God, it seems, had other plans. Thanks to local police, little Henry was delivered into the hands of an adoptive American couple who raised Henry as their own. His parents brought him up as a Christian, putting him through school and sowing within his heart the seeds of greatness.

Henry explains, “I was rescued from death. Now, to give back to my nation, I want to rescue others as well; offering them life, safety, education and hope for the future.” And this is precisely what he has done. Since 2009 when he founded New Beginnings, Henry and his team of volunteers have been working to save lives and build futures. Here is how New Beginnings works to accomplish its mission:

SAVE CHILDREN – Through love, counseling and assistance, your gifts help us stand up for innocent lives that are being threatened with violence and death; We also provide medication and basic health assistance to children in our Extended Family Orphan Care program (EXFOC) when their adult care-takers are unable to do so. When sudden, deadly disease strikes children and babies, New Beginnings is there to offer medication, support, and if needed, assistance to reach care in hospital. When you give to New Beginnings, you will help save lives and build futures!

EMPOWER WOMEN – New Beginnings helps families become self-reliant by providing widows with simple Business-Building Loans (BBL) and entrepreneurial training to boost their small enterprises and help them care for the orphaned children in their homes. Over time, as these small businesses grow, owners can better care for their families and repay their loans. Our Business-Building Loan program has been so successful that today we have many, many families on the waiting list. When you give to New Beginnings, you help empower women build family businesses.

BUILD FAMILIES’ FUTURES – In Uganda, as everywhere, education is key to a child’s future success. When you support New Beginnings, you help under-resourced children receive the education they need for a brighter tomorrow. At the outset of each school term, New Beginnings offers to orphans the required school supplies such as writing tablets, pens and pencils. We also pay school fees for those who are unable to afford them. The result? Each year, more eager-to-learn children are able to attend school. When you give to New Beginnings, you help young scholars find their future success through education.

HEAL THROUGH HEALTHCARE – In Uganda, 95 percent of the population lives in rural, resource-insecure areas and 80% of Ugandan women (in regions with high birthrates) have limited access to appropriate care. The leading cause of death for Ugandan girls ages 15-18 is pregnancy, and 20% of maternal deaths are caused by abortion-related complications. New Beginnings is working to meet both the near-term and long-term health needs of Uganda’s at-risk mothers and children through construction and staffing of local medical clinics and community healthcare training. The capital budget established for Clinic #1 construction is $80,000 (USD). Will you help? When you give through the form on our donate page, enter the keyword CLINIC in the field which reads: in honor of. Thank you!

RUTH HOUSE HOME FOR MOTHERS & MOTHERS-TO-BE – Established by New Beginnings in Iganga, Ruth House is a home for vulnerable women and girls who are pregnant and homeless or pregnant and threatened with starvation or violence in their homes of origin. Ruth House provides safety (it is within a secure walled compound with locking doors) and provides residents with a bed, food, water, electric light, food preparation space and a bathroom. In addition, residents receive education and vocational career training. The first training program is centered on tailoring. You may give directly to the support of Ruth House by adding the words RUTH HOUSE (in the “In Honor Of” field provided) on our donate page.