A message from Isoba Henry Caesar, President, New Beginnings Int. Ministries

2020 Accomplishments

From: Isoba Henry Caesar, President, New Beginnings Int. Ministries

Dear partners, friends of life, donors and well-wishers,

Your heart is so generous, and we are thankful for all that you’ve done in 2020. Thank you for your compassionate heart to help the poor, the hurting, the at-risk and hungry mothers in Iganga and Uganda at large. With YOUR help we have been able to spread the joy and hope of our Savior to those who are desperate and hurting during the ongoing pandemic threat. Below is what your generosity was able to accomplish through New Beginnings International Ministries in the year 2020.

Saving lives . . .

During 2020, we were able to save the lives of more mothers and their babies. We were also able to save the lives of Kisakye with her twin daughters, (above). It was such an incredible year, thank you for supporting this work! Penina and Justine and their babies, (below), were reconciled with their families. Such achievements were possible because of you.

Ruth House . . .

Shown below, Ruth House is a place where fear is replaced with peace; babies are born in safety and mothers are given vocational education. For every young lady who finds refuge at Ruth House, there is a new beginning — a new life — awaiting them. Thank you for supporting this home. We have been able sustain the works of Ruth House because of you, and by your kind assistance, lives have been rescued and families have been reunited.

Byogero, (below, left) handing her baby to her grandmother, who had been searching for her for three years. But, because she joined Ruth House in 2020 while pregnant and hurting, her grandmother was able to trace and find her.  On the right, below, Cissy with her baby meets her maternal uncle and his wife. They welcomed her home to stay after her time at Ruth House. She is currently doing a tailoring course from her uncle’s village. We thank you, our partners, for making possible her training and well-being during her stay at Ruth house.

Mary, (below, right, holding her baby), was finally accepted back home by her father, who at some point never wanted to hear a thing about her, but now, because of Ruth House, Mary was safe while we conducted peace talks and negotiations with her father. God is great, and Mary is now doing a tailoring coarse that will, in the future, be a career and a source of income for her and her children. We thank you for supporting Mary. Also, Medina has been reunited with her husband so they are now living together as family with their only remaining daughter, Aisha. Thank you very much, and may God bless you our dear partners and donors!

Ruth House is currently full to its capacity. As you can see in the picture below, each room accommodates two mothers. We thank you for supporting their stay and their safety, food, vitamins and sundries.

Your gifts also paid for the construction of a wall to fully protect our residents during their stay at Ruth House. This wall replaces a line of metal fencing which had been lost to vandals. So, with the wall in place, (below), the women of Ruth House are once again fully secure within the safety of the compound.

Clinic Property . . . By your generous giving we were able to acquire a 4.4 acre piece of land, (below), where we plan to build our first health clinic, as well as a permanent, higher capacity Ruth House women’s shelter, among other projects. Until donations can fund this construction ($80,000 USD for the clinic and $250,000 USD for the women’s residence) we are using this land to plant corn and beans which provide food for the mothers under our care. When you donate, please enter “Clinic” or “Ruth House Construction” in the IN HONOR OF field provided so we may apply your gift correctly. Thank you for supporting this project.

Food and Supplies Support . . . You have provided food and financial support to those in need. The monthly cost of food, supplies and rent for the current Ruth House facility is approximately $3,600 (USD). When you donate, please enter “Ruth House Support” in the IN HONOR OF field provided so we may apply your gift correctly. Thank you for supporting our work to save lives.

Healthcare . . . with your kind giving, we have been able to pay medical bills for mothers and babies throughout the year. Thank you for being caring and generous friends of life. Even when the pandemic created a serious threat and caused fear across the world, you were there to strengthen us, by supporting our need for sanitizers and PPE.

Women’s Empowerment . . . Today, Ester, (shown below) is the recipient of a Business Builder Loan from New Beginnings. With the loan proceeds, Ester has opened a shop which is busy with customers. Thanks to the help of those who donate to New Beginnings, Ester is truly experiencing a new beginning for her life and the life of her son. To all who have helped her make this possible, Ester says, “Thank you!”

A New Beginning for Ester

Vocational Training . . . Can you recall, back when your future was as yet unwritten, that one teacher, instructor or professor who profoundly impacted you? The one who was more than just a positive influence — the one who shifted the very direction of your life? Such an impact is happening right now at Ruth House in Uganda. While mothers-to-be are residents within the safety of the walls of Ruth House, they are receiving training in both tailoring and hairdressing. Such instruction will make it possible for these women to be independent, to earn a living and care for their families. Their futures are as yet unwritten, but, thanks to your support, each day of instruction makes a prosperous future more possible. Below are images from two of the training sessions.

Each of the mother’s voices can be echoed, saying, “Thank you for saving my life and the life of my child. Without you, where would each us be now? May the Lord bless you for us and all those who stand by our side, day by day, to ensure our safety and well being.”

Challenges . . .

We are facing challenges in various ways, and we pray that the Lord will direct you on how to best stand with us in the challenges we face in this life-saving work.

Transport, we are growing every day in our numbers and operations. We began 2020 with seven clients. Today, we have 25, and more are joining. Without a method of transportation (a van or car) connecting with everyone and bringing clients and supplies to Ruth House is difficult and expensive. Some clients must come from distant, remote locations, from which there is no form of public transportation. Having to hire a car for such transport often delays a timely response to urgent needs. Please consider supporting this work by contributing in any way you are able so that we might acquire a van or a pickup. Each time supplies must be brought to Ruth House, we have the extra expense of hiring a motorcycle and driver, who must then make several trips. We recognize how inefficient this is, but we currently have no other means. Please pray about how you might help.

Ruth House, currently mothers use charcoal and charcoal stoves for cooking. At a time when it is raining so much, charcoal is out of market, so it becomes hard to find what to use for cooking, unless much charcoal has been stocked in store to prepare for such moments, which is also hard, so we are praying that God will pave the way for Ruth House to acquire electric cooking facilities. This way, mothers could safely prepare meals in their kitchen given any situation.

Medical, As you might imagine, serving the prenatal and other health needs of our Ruth House residents (as well as other, non-Ruth House clients) medical bills are a major expense for New Beginnings. Private hospitals in Uganda charge abnormally high fees, while the lesser-expensive government hospitals are not well equipped. So, we wish to build our own medical facility, such that we can take care of our patients and give them the best care possible. Please consider supporting our clinic construction fund. We also wish to build an expanded Ruth House women’s shelter on our own property which would eliminate the monthly rental costs we now pay. Such funds could then be redirected to other pressing needs. The estimates for both these projects are $80,000 USD for the clinic and $250,000 USD for the women’s residence. When you donate, please enter “Clinic” or “Ruth House Construction” in the IN HONOR OF field provided so we may apply your gift correctly. Thank you for supporting these projects.

Income generating projects, Our plans for 2021 include investments in both fish farming and agricultural plantations. These will serve to create jobs for our resident mothers and also to sustain the food-supply needs of Ruth House. By so doing, while mothers are learning skills in tailoring and hairdressing, on Saturday and Sunday evenings, they can work on both the fish farm and the plantation. This way, after we harvest, our residents can gain income by receiving payment for their hours worked, while the remaining funds can be used to restock the fish ponds and buy more seeds for replanting.Our goal is to make Ruth House as self-sustaining as possible.

Vocational training, we started the classes in Tailoring and Hair dressing, but both classes lack almost everything, we need your support to equip these classes for better learning of the mothers. We also could use a pair of 20-ft x 20-ft tents to provide shade and shelter during classes and worship time.

Business Builder Loan, we need more funds in this project, as soon, mothers like Cissy and Mary will be done with their classes and ready to start “real life,” which means we need to loan them sewing machines and starting cash, a total of $500 (USD) for each mother who is done with training. Please consider supporting this project. When you give, please enter “BBL” or “Business Builder Loan” in the IN HONOR OF field provided so we may apply your gift correctly. Thank you!

Nakirya has identified a hair dressing teacher in her community, where she wishes to begin learning. Please consider supporting her with $400 (USD) which will pay her tuition and feeding. That way she will have no trouble completing her classes.

Friends, I want to thank you for being a true hero throughout this crisis. Thank you for saving lives and building futures. And, thank you for allowing God to use you to accomplish His purposes.

During 2021, we wish to continue upholding the values and important work of Ruth House. In so doing we will strengthen our relationship with our clients and the communities in which we are serving.

We wish to invest much in plantations and income generating projects as this will be the best way for us to cut expenses related to food. We plan to plant and harvest sweet potatoes, bananas, cassava, beans and maize (corn), when we have such funds in place. Once this is underway, the funds earmarked for food can then be redirected to other projects like the construction of the clinic, Ruth House and other required structures. Then, we also wish to put fish ponds in place to provide mothers with work while here, in such a way that they may not need to get the loan upon their departure, as they will be earning after every harvest. Such payments will support them in starting their own businesses when they leave Ruth House.

The need for a health clinic is rapidly rising as the New Beginnings community is growing quickly. This growth requires that we become medically independant, thereby cutting down on the exorbitant expenses we currently pay to private clinics. With our own clinic in place, we can provide our clients with the best, most affordable medication and care.

We wish to further equip and strengthen our vocational classes at Ruth House, to make sure that we produce high-quality skilled mothers who will be in position to compete in the employment marketplace when they start out on their own. We will need to have at least fifteen sewing machines for practical learning and other scholastic materials and also to create a convenient learning environment for all classes.

Improvement in transport, when mothers go into labor, we are finding it difficult to transport them to hospital quickly. During daytime hours we can use a hired motorcycle, but at night, this is not available to us, as no one is willing to leave their bed for work. Therefore, we wish to acquire a van or pickup truck to help us in this regard and also with the purchase of food and supplies for mothers and quick, convenient delivery of such items.

With the Covid 19 situation around the world, this brought all students home and exposed them to all sorts of dangers (as well as luxuries) and many young girls are becoming pregnant with abortion growing at a rapid rate. We wish to expand our awareness program by using radio talk shows, commercial messages and even TV talk shows to help spread the gospel that each life matters.

With the above, and more that we will be sharing down the path during 2021, I wish you the best in all your work. Please consider supporting the work of New Beginnings during the New Year.



President, New Beginnings Int. Ministries.

Iganga, Uganda, East Africa