About the work of New Beginnings Uganda

About our work


The East-African nation of Uganda is still recovering from a crippling AIDS epidemic and the ravages of war, which together, killed millions and left additional millions of children orphaned. Since 2009, under the direction of founder, Isoba Henry Caesar, New Beginnings has been on the ground providing humanitarian aid and comfort to impoverished and threatened women and children.

Women’s Shelter

Mary, safe and sound at RUTH HOUSE

To accomplish our life-saving mission as efficiently as possible, in early 2020, New Beginnings established RUTH HOUSE, a 6-room, 12-bed women’s shelter for vulnerable women and girls who are pregnant and homeless or pregnant and threatened with starvation or violence. Mary, (pictured just after New Beginnings found her hiding and starving in an abandoned building), was on the run from her family. Mary and her unborn child had been threatened with violence and death. Once at RUTH HOUSE, the fear on Mary’s face turned to relief. Mary knew she was safe.

RUTH HOUSE residents are secured within a walled compound and provided with a bed, food, water, electric light, food prep area, prenatal vitamins and care by our resident Nurse/Midwife. When resources allow, we will once again have our vocational training and study opportunities for the residents of RUTH HOUSE.

Healthcare Clinic Under Construction

New Beginnings Heaithcare Clinic under Construction

In Uganda, 95 percent of the population lives in rural, resource-challenged areas and 80% of Ugandan women (in regions with high birthrates) have limited access to appropriate care. The leading cause of death for Ugandan girls ages 15-18 is pregnancy, and 20% of maternal deaths are caused by abortion-related complications.

New Beginnings is working to meet both the near-term and long-term health needs of Uganda’s at-risk mothers and children through making healthcare more readily available, including through ultrasound services. With a recent generous gift, the construction of our first health clinic is underway. The ministry is presently actively seeking donors willing to step forward with gifts to be earmarked for ultrasound and other medical gear to equip the new clinic. If you can help, please visit our donate page and add the word CLINIC in the “In Honor Of” field of our donation form.