— Our Promise of Integrity —
How We Carefully Manage Your Gifts

Every day, New Beginnings International Ministries is helping the most impoverished regions of war-torn and HIV-AIDS-ravaged Uganda. Your gifts are carefully managed to give direct aid to the most vulnerable women and children. Each time you give, you can trust your donation will help save lives and build futures. Your love will make a difference!

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The humanitarian work of New Beginnings in Uganda is supported by dedicated teams of unpaid volunteers in the U.S. and the U.K. so we can keep our operational costs at zero. This means your donation will go directly to where it is needed most. When our U.S. and U.K. teams travel to Uganda to aid the mission, we pay our own way. When you donate you will receive a tax deduction receipt by email from United for Life Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) U.S.-based non-profit organization which will then forward your gift by secure wire transmission to New Beginnings. To strengthen its impact, New Beginnings holds membership in the Uganda National NGO Forum, (UNNGOF), an organization focused on social justice, equity and cooperative economic development. New Beginnings Int. Ministries is an officially registered NGO (non-profit) operating since 2009 in Uganda, East Africa.

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When lives are at stake, only the highest standards of financial accountability will do. This is why New Beginnings’ American and British Partners have retained a third-party CPA accounting firm to ensure best practices and rigorous audit systems which guarantee your gifts will do the most possible good. No matter your annual level of giving to New Beginnings, you are welcome to request our Financial Accountability Annual Report by writing us. Each donation you make to New Beginnings will be followed-up with information about how your gift is being applied and the impact it is having in Uganda. You’ll receive regular updates, compelling reports and dramatic pictures and videos which show your gifts at work saving lives and building futures.

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Lee John Bruno, (President, United for Life Foundation, Birmingham, Alabama, USA), endorses New Beginnings’ founder, Isoba Henry: “A diamond in the rough, that's how I describe Henry's character. I've always been impressed with his faith, his devotion to serving his people and his strict code of financial accountability. Henry's vision for his community (where all those in crisis find refuge and hope) aligned perfectly with our mission at United for Life Foundation. That is why we formed a partnership with New Beginnings and its mission. We know that with Henry at the helm in Uganda, we are supporting his long track record of accountability, extremely fast results, and timely reporting. Every dollar donated goes toward actionable results – saving lives and building futures. We are proud to support Henry and New Beginnings because, it's not every day you find a diamond in the rough.”

Learn more about United for Life Foundation at: UnitedForLifeFoundation.org

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Since 2009, New Beginnings has been defending the vulnerable in the eastern region of Uganda and in the refugee camps of the north. The challenges we face are great, but with your help we can do even more. We are: Working to eradicate rampant ignorance with education; Standing up for the innocent ones whose lives are threatened; Providing needed training and business-building loans to the many widows of our communities and assisting them in meeting the immediate and long-term needs of at-risk children (many of whom are orphans). You can help. $25 will assist a student with school supplies and tuition for a full semester of learning. Your gift of $250 will help bring direct aid and comfort to impoverished and threatened widows and orphans. Every gift you send will help accomplish our mission to save children, empower women, build families' futures and heal through healthcare.

Isoba Henry

Founder & President, New Beginnings Int. Ministries

Isoba Henry visits with a struggling family, offering help and hope. When Henry explains the work of New Beginnings, he puts it this way: “I was rescued from death. Now, to give back to my nation, I want to rescue others as well; offering them life, safety, education and hope for the future.”

Knowledge is power!


The Power of School Supplies

In Uganda, students cannot begin a semester without their tuition paid ahead and pencils, notebooks and other school supplies in hand. Too often this burden is too great for families to manage, so New Beginnings steps in whenever funds allow. A gift of $25 will help one student start school this semester!


Assistance Recipient

As you might imagine, the day Ester gave birth to her son, there was rejoicing! Of course, for the usual reasons of safety for mother and baby, but also because New Beginnings had intervened in a difficult family situation. Now, Ester's relationship with her mother is restored and Ester has hope for a job and a future.


Business-Building Loan Recipient

We help families become self-reliant by providing widows with Business-Building Loans and training to boost their small businesses and help care for the orphaned children in their homes. Over time, as Maribu's business has grown, she has been better able to care for her family and repay her loan.