New Beginnings Needs YOU!

Volunteer Positions Available


Easily the most important volunteer position of all, New Beginnings needs prayer warriors who are willing to storm the gates of Heaven to pray daily for the needs of the ministry. Pray, please, for the women and children served by New Beginnings and for our team. Your prayers will make a difference!

Work from home and change the world! The New Beginnings USA Partners Executive Team is seeking a practicing, accredited medical doctor with at least 2-4 years of working experience in their relevant field with some internationalĀ  charity experience preferred. As our volunteer Remote Field Medical Director you would work via Skype with New Beginnings, Uganda, East Africa to provide technical oversight and assistance to the construction, equipping and operation of our rural medical clinics. Please inquire by email with Mike Froncek.

Are you friends with the world? Or at least friends with a few thousand people on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? If you have a dedicated audience-base of followers and fans that come with awesomely high interaction levels across the various social media platforms, the New Beginnings online team needs you! Volunteers with the right stuff should reach out to Mike Froncek.

This middle-school peer-to-peer program matches U.S. classrooms with Uganda classrooms for international learning and growth experiences. This position is ideal for a high school junior or senior looking to add amazing experience to their college-bound portfolio. Four-month commitment required with approximately 8-hours per week, worked online from home. Guidance provided by New Beginnings USA Partners Executive Team and online documentation. Students will be required to keep an internship log (including a list of dates and times worked and tasks engaged in) as well as collecting samples of their work for addition to their personal college portfolio. A three-to-five page reflective essay is required at the end of the term. The New Beginnings USA Partners Executive Team will award students with a letter of verification and recommendation upon satisfactory completion of the work. For more information, please write Mike Froncek.

The New Beginnings USA Partners Executive Team is seeking a volunteer with Domestic and International Banking and Finance experience. This position is ideal for a retired individual with the appropriate background. This volunteer position will involve quarterly review of financial statements and general assistance with financial oversight. Please inquire with Mike Froncek.

We wish to expand the influence footprint of New Beginnings Partners to Great Britain. If you have non-profit charity leadership experience in the U.K., we would like to talk with you! Ideally, we are hoping for an individual with strong executive leadership and people skills and great connections with charity and faith institutions. This position is ideal for a retired individual with the appropriate background. Please send a letter with your background and interests to Mike Froncek.